the Anne Frank Exhibition |

Secular and Religious

The Anne Frank exhibit provides both secular and religious affiliated visitors with a very thorough sense of history, according to a timeline from pre WW II to the present, clarifying how this period of history has affected Israel and the entire world today.

Jewish visitors will discover how this era connects both to their ancient history and to the present, while better understanding the significance of Israel as their Jewish National Homeland. Christian visitors will discover fascinating facts about Judaism and its history as it relates to their own faith. The visitor will encounter opportunities to analyze the concepts of Discrimination, Anti Semitism, Anti Zionism, War, social injustice, Democracy and their historical significance to us all. Quotes from Anne Frank’s diary are inspiring as they address issues of identity, aspirations, hope, faith, and tolerance. The exhibit introduces the visitor to a clearer understanding of Israel and its continuing battle for survival. The wide range of topics encountered throughout the exhibit enables visitors of all ages, cultures, nations and faiths to encounter the topics that move them personally, further inspiring the desire for world peace and justice.