the Anne Frank Exhibition |

In the Exhibit

The Anne Frank Exhibit was especially developed in cooperation with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Through the exhibit we introduce to the public, and especially the youth, significant information about the effects of World War II and how these historical events apply to our circumstances today, as reported through the direct and introspective account authored by Anne Frank as a witness. While in forced hiding she lists in her diary the many restrictions and hardship that have been placed upon the lives of the Jewish people, demonstrating that the attitude and action of every person, old or young, counts and can make an unexpected difference. Historians often regard Anne Frank’s diary as an important historical document that can effectively serve as a symbol for the countless unknown stories from that period. Educators moreover refer to Anne’s words highlighting the struggles of becoming a teenager, establishing beliefs, developing ambitions, while contemplating human nature, hope, faith, values, tolerance, justice and peace.

The exhibit begins with a 25 minute documentary, followed by a list of questions whose answers can be found within the exhibit. There are eleven panels comprising the exhibit 3×2 meters each, and together they display a time line with 150 historical pictures depicting the entire history of the Holocaust, and the experiences of the Frank family. Quotes from Anne Frank’s diary are woven into the exhibit itself lending insightful depth throughout.

Profoundly, Anne, despite her awareness of what was happening to all Jews while trapped in her hiding place, always believed in the true goodness of people. Her diary demonstrates a Jewish yearning for what is good, for truth, justice and peace. The words and ideals of this young girl written sixty years ago act as a reminder and inspiration for us today and encompass such a wide range of life perspectives that each participant can find something that moves them personally. It is therefore a useful tool in our endeavors to help the disadvantaged, survivors of terror, and troubled youth. It also serves to inspire people of all ages, nations and faiths toward a desire for world peace and justice.