the Anne Frank Exhibition |

About the Exhibition

The Anne Frank Exhibit a “History for Today” is an educational exhibit containing several elements challenging its participants to consider similarities and differences between past events and events in our world today, encouraging visitors to analyze the concepts of war, discrimination, anti Semitism, anti Zionism, faith, tolerance, mutual respect, human rights, democracy and their significance for us all.

This educational exhibit encompasses such a wide range of life perspectives that people of all ages, nations and faiths can find a portion that moves them personally. It therefore serves as a useful tool to: Create dialogue between different Faiths, Cultures, Minorities, and Political persuasion. It also highlights the struggles of becoming a teenager, establishing beliefs, developing ambitions, and contemplating human nature, hope, faith, values, and tolerance.
The Anne Frank Exhibit will inspire people of all ages, nations and faiths to a pursuit of bettering society and a desire for a world of justice and peace.

Individuals, families and communities in crises, can greatly benefit from this exhibit, whether there be a situation of poverty, war or terror. The educational tools within the exhibit contribute to the rehabilitation of the disadvantaged. Youth, in particular, can relate to Anne Frank’s many struggles to develope her own identity and ambitions, learning the importance of ideals, values, tolerance, mutual respect and working toward ones future.

The exhibit also addresses matters of social inclusion to segments of society currently sensing its lack and can bring awareness to all sectors of society regarding the effects of discrimination and social injustice while promoting understanding of the vital necessity to work together toward the betterment of society.

The Anne Frank Exhibit is very suitable for: Schools, Youth groups, Soldiers, Institutions, Universities, Jewish and Christian movements, developing Young leadership, enhancing Jewish Heritage and faith. An effort is made to create a better understanding of the Middle East Conflict, while emphasizing elements that are important for the continued development of tolerance and unity.