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February 2, 2011 / 6:57 PM
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Disadvantaged Israeli youth visit the Anne Frank’s House annually

Disadvantaged Israeli youth at the Anne Frank’s House

The Anne Frank Exhibition proves of great benefit to disadvantaged youth since it relates to a parentless situation, poverty, war or terror. The exhibition encourages rehabilitation as they identify with Anne Frank’s many struggles. The difficulties relevant to the teenage years include developing one’s individuality and ambitions, while exploring the importance of ideals, values, tolerance, mutual respect and importantly the concept of hope. Many valuable quotes from Anne Frank’s diary inspire youth that are striving to develop a positive future.

Every year we are provided an opportunity to invite 20 disadvantaged youth to personally benefit from a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. In a group setting they have the opportunity to share their personal experiences, emotions and problems with others who have encountered similar circumstances and can truly understand their inner feelings. Visiting the city of Amsterdam with its Jewish History, World War II experiences, and the special program at the Anne Frank House, helps them to view in a better perspective not only their own lives but that of their particular generation.

For many this trip becomes a highlight in their shattered lives and a turning point enabling them

to better deal with the influences they encounter. During the trip we have observed them encouraging each other to achieve and generate the confidence needed to take part in activities they previously feared while developing stronger individuals. The love and care showered on them by the families that host them further enhance their confidence, trust in society, and their hope for the future.As a result, special ties have been created between the visiting youth and the family members hosting them. Many remain in touch and become comparable to an extended family – creating a bond between Jews living in Israel and the Jews living overseas.

If you would like to learn more about this unique program, or sponsor a child, please contact us.

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